How design is affected by our life..?

We can not live a single day without a design. If you can follow closely then you can find that every single element is related to a designed item. Let me explain…

– When you wake up in the morning, the bed you are sleeping, designed and developed by a carpenter.
– When you walk on the floor to reach washroom, the floor, and home designed and developed by an architect.
– When you reach the basin then you need to know how to run a basin with water tap which is designed by a product designer.
– When you get out of the house, what you see each and everything is designed by someone.

Last but not the least, you and yourself is being designed from the morning that how to get up, how you will be dressed, how you will pick your transport and reach work and execute a productive or creative day.

Kazi Serzill Hasan
Creative House of V

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