Before placing any order

What you need to know first..!

  • Please clear the idea between what you want and what we can deliver.
  • For any kind of work, (except architectural work) 70% advance is a must required.
  • Do not request us for any demo without any advance payment.
  • After delivering sample, or demo work if it is not as expected by client then the client must stop the order without any hesitation. Because both of our time and effort is important.
  • If we have to meet then it is free around Uttara, Bashundhara & Cantonment. Some distant area from our location (Uttara) may also cost charges. But if it is out side Dhaka, then client has to bear the transport and living fare.
  • Do not hesitate to inform us if you have any kind of limitations.
  • We deliver the completed work after clearing the payment.
  • After honorary correction two or three times for any project, extra correction and re structuring will definitely cost extra charges.
  • When we start working – We really don’t care what is happening in the world.
  • When you say the word “Urgent” – We take it very seriously. For that reason we start working 24 hours. Yes.. 24 Hours. Which means we don’t sleep, we don’t give time to our family, sometimes don’t get time to take food.
  •  We cancel family program and other social activities just to complete the work.
  •  When we start working on any project or design, doesn’t matter what is the valuation of the project, we give same importance to each one. That is how we have successfully walked from last 13 years.
Why you
want to work
with us..?

Why have you selected us? Is there any reason? Because we are good? Because we are affordable? Because you personally know us ? Because you find us interesting? Because you  heard about something positive about us ?

Its very important for us to know how because we want to be inspired 

Why you
should choose us..?

You should choose us. Because we are best at dedication. We don’t know we are best or not. But we do know very well that when we start something creative design and development we give the most and ultimate dedication to make it right.

What you
should know before
working with us..?

Which will help to realize that why and how we have set those rate so that both party can become happy.

The following list of items are the key factor behind setting any rate of our creative design and animation based services:

  • Experience – We are not noob or startup. We have invested more than 13 years of our experiences of designing and creative graphics art work. “We may know little-But the amount of development we know – is precise“
  • Paying bills – We are not doing any kind of charitable work. We have to pay bills at end of month. We have to earn for that.
  • Knowledge – We have learnt things. For that we had to invest our health, time, electric bills, depriving family times and many many expensive electronic items. All these happened because of a hope that we will earn honorably by providing our heartiest service.
  • Good Will – The only thing you can not buy with money is “Good Will”.  It can only be earned by giving service and gaining trust. It is essential to get the most of us is by accepting the mutual rate of work which creates the finest bonding between the client and the service providers.
When you shouldn't
work with us

There are certain moments or you can call scenario when you shouldn’t work with us. It is very essential to know the less intimidating factor and the limitation of both parties so that a harmonious creative work can be done.

The following items are need to be checked before parking any work with us where  which will suggest that we shouldn’t work together:

  • When you do not know exactly what you want
  • When you doubt that we may not be able to do the work
  • When you think you have given a kind chance to us
  • When there is a possibility of the extension of any work but may not have the budget to pay that.
  • When there is a strong possibility that you reduce or cut the final bill at your will.
  • When you think that it is a small work and anybody can do.
  • When you think to pay less because we will get free marketing of our work at your commercial place.
  • When you know that no matter how much correction you give we will continuously give our free service without any maintenance payment.

When we don't
take charge of our service

Yes!! You heard it right.. in some cases we don’t charge or take payment for our work. like when you are financially not sound but you desperately need the work to be done to ignite your business or any orphanage or mosque related work.

We also have some other sectors and issues where we do not take money.